LTD "NVP" NKEMZ "- a company with 60 - years of experience, specializes in the design and manufacture of three-phase asynchronous motors and generators with squirrel-cage rotor, for general industrial and explosion-proof from 0.75 kW to 315.0 kW for AC power frequency of 50 Hz or 60 Hz voltage of 220/380 V, 380/660 V or 660/1140 V.
Production LTD "NVP" NKEMZ "successfully used in machine-building enterprises, housing and communal services, power, coal, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, shipbuilding industry of Ukraine, CIS and abroad.

Electric motors series Ira, 4AMU, 6AMU, 4AMNU, 4AMSU, 4AMRU (with reference to the overall dimensions of power in accordance with GOST 28330 (PC 3031-71));
Electric motors explosion-proof series and AMU series 2AIMS (with reference to the overall dimensions of the power of SENELEK standard (DIN 42673, 42677);
Explosion-proof motors:
- For chemical, gas, oil refining industry PAM series, AIMM, 2AIMM, AIMMV;

- Coal mining series AIU 2AIU, VAIU, AIUM;

Mining ventilators of domestic aerating VMEU 15,0-25,0kVt;
Electric motors for special purposes:
- For rail transport 4AZH series;

- Elevator motors series 4AF / 4AN;

- For air coolers series VASO7K 6,5-37,0 kW VASO5K 37,0-90,0 kW ASVO5K Z0,0 6.5 kW ASVO5K 37,0-90,0 kW.

The quality system is certified according to ISO 9001:2015.

We guarantee a high level of quality, service and timeliness of our production.





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